About Short Term Rentals

Short Term Rentals are allowed in Riverbend at Lake Lure and the right to rent is protected by NC law. All property owners regardless of whether they rent or not are subjected to the same rules, regulations, bylaws and CCRs. are expected to comply with all Riverbend at Lake Lure rules and regulations.  By law no regulations, fees, bylaws, CCRs or assessments can be applied to a group of owners (e.g. rental owners) without applying to the entire community and all property owners. Links pertaining to this legislation can be found below below.

The Riverbend covenants do not allow the use of RV, trailer, campers for full time living therefore they can not be used for short term rentals at anytime. 

Short term rental owners are asked to be respectful of our community by assuring that their guests comply with the “Riverbend rules for Guests” developed by the Security Committee. The POA ask all short term rental owners to register their guest at the front gate before the guest visit. This can be done by sending an email to the front gate at riverbendLLrentals@gmail.com or more easily by submitting the Short Term Rental Form at the link below.